Outdoor Adventure Education for Youth

The Azimuth Quest Foundation seeks to accomplish the following purposes:

  1.  To provide, legal, financial, logistical and programming support to its programs. These programs are focused on, but not necessarily limited to youth outdoor experiential education. 
  2. Programming for youth participants will include instruction, coordination, field leadership, transportation, and equipment for a range of activities including backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking and bikepacking, whitewater rafting, cross country skiing, and other outdoor adventure activities. Opportunities for meaningful community service will also be provided. 
  3. Field experiences will always be conducted to minimize environmental impacts and the Foundation will emphasize and promote an ethic of respect for and stewardship of the natural world in all of its actions and program offerings. 
  4. Programming will be targeted and marketed toward high school-aged young adults, with a commitment towards inclusivity of youth from all walks of like. 
  5. The Foundation will actively seek to establish partnerships with school systems, colleges, and other youth oriented non-profits to build  a network that allows its programming to be delivered broadly, efficiently, and effectively. 
  6. The Foundation will actively explore possibilities to expand its programming into new locations and age demographics in an attempt to extend its reach and impact over time. 
  7. The Foundation will work to establish a robust and reliable network of corporate and individual supporters in order to ensure long-term viability of its programs and to guarantee no financial barriers to the participation of youth from diverse economic situations. 
  8. The Foundation will, as necessary, enter into employment and other financial relationships with individuals, businesses and other organizations to facilitate delivering its programs. 
  9. The Foundation will provide its Board and supporters opportunities to take part in comparable program activities with the understanding that board engagement is critical to achieving its goals. 
  10. The programming offered by the Azimuth Quest Foundation will always focused first on safety of its participants, and will strive to create positive, challenging and fun experiences for all. 

Azimuth Quest Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

azimuthquest@gmail.comPrescott, Arizona

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